Jake Gyllenhaal

The actor Jake Gyllenhaal mourns his best friend Heath Ledger. The death of actor Heath Ledger has affected a lot of people and he will be very, very long time not forgotten. Quite particularly hard hit death, apart from his family, even his best friend Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor Jake Gyllenhaal, the godfather of Ledger’s daughter Matilda, whose death meets “harder than most other people”, so a friend of the actor. Get more background information with materials from Teva. Both met filming “Brokeback Mountain” in which, by they played a gay cowboy couple. From the shooting developed the death of ledger, Gyllenhaal takes very with a strong friendship, and that is, is it only intelligible.

The mourning for the death of his best friend is particularly evident during the filming of Jake’s new film. “This event has a strong influence on the character of Jake,” an insider. At PCRM you will find additional information. This adds that Jake Gyllenhaal was going to take a flight immediately after becoming aware of the death of his friend, he but then it didn’t. “The two were are very close. It is a huge trauma for him”as an employee of the film crew. “Jake was sitting all the time in the Director’s Chair and staring into the sky.” It will probably still take until the silence and grief will take off slowly. Further details can be found at Wayne Holman, an internet resource. It is simply still incomprehensible.

Bernhard Brink – I Am

I’m not good for you the new radio single by Bernhard Brink – after “Loved hated cried” for 6 weeks at the top of the airplay charts conservative could prevail, now follows the next prank. The radio editors be sampled soon with “I’m not good for you” from the album “Pop Titan”. Click Wayne Holman Miami for additional related pages. Unfortunately, the 3rd single will not appear as a commercial single. If you would like to know more then you should visit mens weight training. “I’m no good for you” is a good song that gets under your skin in the typical sound of the brink once again. The 01.08.2009 Bernhard Brink can be his song “I’m no good for you” in the Park on the beautiful island of Norderney ever to the best.

Because there the WDR4 – celebrating 10 years of hits Express. And on August 30, 2009, “Pop Titan” Bernhard Brink will be seeing television in addition to many other artists in the ZDF. In evaluating year 2009 of the conservative airplay charts it looks currently, that with “27 points just behind Andrea Berg loved Bernhard Brink hated cried” “you should the devil get n” is located. We cross our fingers him, the he the pole position will be successfully overcome. (C) Daniela Jantsch worth a visit on its pages anyway: bernhardbrinkmusik bernhardbrinkmusik bernhardbrinkmusik

Sebastian Andreas Schweizer

From the Internet onto the stage and the hearts of music fans – a Panda, storming the charts of CRO, which bourgeois name Carlo Waibel, was born in Stuttgart in 1992. Young age of 13, he found his creative side & started to record music. Meanwhile, he erlerntelernte the piano and guitar. Learned which has today 20 years after his Fachhochschulreife media design. After completion of his training, he worked as a freelance cartoonist at the Stuttgart newspaper and published the video clip to his hit “Crank up”. CRO music means not gangster rap and pop rap.

His music style is a mixture of rap and pop music, shortly, “Roap” CRO’s 1st tape “Trash” released the rapper under the name “Lyr1c” 2009 in the Internet. In the February 2011-published “My music” mixtape, CRO managed with it is to make aware of the popular musician and Orson members KAAS. In the Internet the musicians offered download thanks to his fans, for free as all both mixtapes. KAAS was a connection between him and Sebastian Andreas Schweizer- the founder of the label “Chimperator productions” here. This was de beginning of the rapper with the Panda head.

Today is the self named King of Rabah as a designer and musician at the Plattenlable “Chimperator Production” under contract. CRO’s first tour of the Republic began in October 2011. The Norwegian Band Madcon did “glow”tour as the first act on him, where he first presented the audience with its Panda mask. The disc jockey Psaiko Dino strengthened him in the back and acted as a sort of mouthpiece. Not only on the tour, but also at festivals peformed CRO live. Since 2010, the imaginative appearance under his clothing line “VioVio” created unique T-Shirts, he sells the CRO Merch store on the Web. Currently, CRO conquered the charts by his catchy “Easy”. The song is already longer on YouTube on the Web and has been looked at already several million times. The mask makers of these days has well 400,000 likes on Facebook.

New Musical Talent Cycle Create

Lack of effective selection, training and promotion of talented young songwriters, composers, lyricists, arrangers – the fundamental reason for stagnation in the music In the previous article, we have identified four main reasons which hinder the creation and promotion of new beautiful, melodic, songs and music. In my opinion, the fundamental one is the second – the lack of effective selection, training and promotion of young talent songwriters, composers, lyricists, arrangers. Therefore, solving this problem by creating this system, we get the foundation to all of us surrounded by kind, beautiful, melodic, romantic music and songs.

Necessary to select and teach the best of the best! A basis for this system are the talented people. After all, if there is no talent on the nature, the grace of God, then no matter how to select, as it may teach the “best of the worst” – still the result will be an order of magnitude worse than if selected and trained “the best of the best.” Do we have the potential musical talent, genius? But whether we have the potential musical talent, genius? Does our genetic find, select people with deposit, with the development of which it is possible to get the best of the best songwriters, composers, poets at the global level? Unique gene pool of the mega-Slavic culture and close to State By this I mean gene pool, which was formed primarily in areas of Slavonic and Related States: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, , Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, the states of Transcaucasia, Baltic’s, Central Asia and several others..