Gabriele Di Cara

There are many reasons to love a man. A tribute to a strong woman. The music is described in one sentence. Very soulful, catchy and harmonious. Official site: Teva Pharmaceuticals. your soul is an homage of a no-nonsense, emotional woman who can not bend blue. A woman who does not tolerate injustice in this world and with its possibilities trying to change things. The red thread of the song is the love for her and reveals itself in their courage and strength, as well as in their fight against the exploitation of animals and nature.

The Leverkusen band put in last year common friends”again the heads together and come out a catchy and emotional song for a special lady. Actually just an ordinary night came on a full moon night as the inspiration for this song. With a keen sense for the emotional and subtle moments but also for the rational project show common friend”, that this composition is an important part of her musical life. Even if your soul blue ‘ written for a woman was, be many people (whether man or woman) can here find and identify with the content. There are many reasons to love a man.

Reasons that need no superficial properties. your soul blue ‘ speaks of truthfulness, honesty and energy, as well as the ability to love and openness for new ways. All this together leads to the gist of the song: I tell you only .wie I very love soon is the single as a download and others at Amazon, ITunes, Musicload, etc.

Folk Music Of China

Nanning is a folk music which has spread among people speaking in the south-futszyanskim dialect. This is folk music with an ancient history, and it has attracted great attention of Chinese and foreign musicologists engaged in research of traditional Chinese music. Music Nanning was born in the city of Quanzhou, which is in Tang dynasty (618 – 907) gradually became an important trade port. It contributed to the development of musical culture that has penetrated here in the Central Plain. Gradually, this new music blended with the local folk music, which gave a deep local flavor. Transforming and developing the music absorbed melody different Chinese local operas and folk songs, making music Nanning more peculiar and unique. Melody is full of subtlety of Nanning and tenderness, her rhythm is smooth.

People not only enjoy it, but express a sense of separation, longing for the homeland, with its help. The content of the songs on the music Nanning often become epic and dramatic events. Basically it's tales of love between a man and a woman, and their desire to to marry and live happily. Young musicians and performers use music ringtones Nanning in their modern works and songs, try to reproduce the images of the primary performers, as well as adapt and make modern arrangement. Here, for example, known in China group SHE, has released a song called "The Long Separation".

For millennia, Nanning music flourished in areas of southern Fujian, and has become popular not only in China and abroad. At present folk music Sanov more ppulyarnoy, there are lots of bands performing ethnic music of various nations. Among the local artists would like to especially note Group Chorus. The repertoire of the Chorus of ethnic music of Ireland and Sweden, Balkan melodies, French, dancing, secular and folk music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque. But the folk music is vast, huge and immense. Therefore, the group is constantly expanding his musical horizons, focusing not only on the west, and looking to the east.

Axel Fischer – You Have No Love In You

You’re wearing the new single by Axel Fischer – no love in you AXEL FISCHER new single, new hit! -Finally, the wait is over: Amsterdam comes on Friday, October 23, 2009 “-successor hit you’re wearing no love in you” by AXEL FISCHER in the shops. Teva oftentimes addresses this issue. The singer- songwriter AXEL FISCHER gained veritable hits already in the past. So he wrote with girls let you”, the theme song of the VIVA school SOAP final class” and immediately placed in the TOP 40 of the media control single charts. Ten weeks continued the pop hits in the TOP 100 and sold thousands of times. “Episode title such as the Heather anthem” and the Eskimo dance “also notable placements brought AXEL FISCHER and led to a steadily growing fan base.

AXEL FISCHER called attention in the recent past to with the cover version of Amsterdam”. In cooperation with the Group of Cora, he recorded the cult hit of the 80s in a new pop-party- and landed the ultimate Mallorca hit in 2008 and 2009! Have been determined to date as a result of: the entry in the TOP 40 of the official German sales charts, sustained whole 18 weeks chart presence in the media control single charts and over 30 weeks top places in the DJ charts. With over 150 performances per year in Germany and in addition 2 appearances a week in Majorca (Upper Bavaria”beer King”) and AXEL FISCHER is one of the most hardworking, most recent and most successful artists in the party-hits segment. “Now AXEL FISCHER with his new pop-Schlager version of you’re wearing no love in you” in the starting blocks. The group really 1999 had her greatest success with the original song, before they disbanded in 2002. You have no love in you”convinced by sound rousing up and flawless beats, in relentless manner through the boxes shreds that to land finally in mark, bone and ear.

Axel’s consistent style of music, which is aimed at the younger generation of party-pop-Schlager fans, is modern and timely. Whole choruses or lines of text are best suited for the sing along. Due to its AXEL FISCHER congenial mix of old classics with new, party instrumentalisation, once again, underscores that his feeling for trends, hits and compatible mass enthusiasm is extremely pronounced. “Therefore should you have no love in you” seamlessly build on the past successes. As another fan goodie”a whole new, never before published version of Amsterdam is on the CD” (rose mix”). Further success by AXEL FISCHER, the youngest party artist in Germany! “Place 1 AOL singles and album chart number one Musicload Maxi-charts place 1 Mallorca-hits charts 1st place 2nd place DJ charts iTunes pop charts top 10 official German media control charts top 40 media control charts three singles in the top 50 media control charts for 1 year at the top of the music award of party of charts of DJ best summer hit 2008”, best newcomer 2009 “, best music video” gold disc “Amsterdam” (Top of the mountains, Austria) already over 2 million video clicks the “Amsterdam” videos at youtube source: EMI music more information under:

New Musical Talent Cycle Create

Lack of effective selection, training and promotion of talented young songwriters, composers, lyricists, arrangers – the fundamental reason for stagnation in the music In the previous article, we have identified four main reasons which hinder the creation and promotion of new beautiful, melodic, songs and music. In my opinion, the fundamental one is the second – the lack of effective selection, training and promotion of young talent songwriters, composers, lyricists, arrangers. Therefore, solving this problem by creating this system, we get the foundation to all of us surrounded by kind, beautiful, melodic, romantic music and songs.

Necessary to select and teach the best of the best! A basis for this system are the talented people. After all, if there is no talent on the nature, the grace of God, then no matter how to select, as it may teach the “best of the worst” – still the result will be an order of magnitude worse than if selected and trained “the best of the best.” Do we have the potential musical talent, genius? But whether we have the potential musical talent, genius? Does our genetic find, select people with deposit, with the development of which it is possible to get the best of the best songwriters, composers, poets at the global level? Unique gene pool of the mega-Slavic culture and close to State By this I mean gene pool, which was formed primarily in areas of Slavonic and Related States: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, , Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, the states of Transcaucasia, Baltic’s, Central Asia and several others..