New Musical Talent Cycle Create

Lack of effective selection, training and promotion of talented young songwriters, composers, lyricists, arrangers – the fundamental reason for stagnation in the music In the previous article, we have identified four main reasons which hinder the creation and promotion of new beautiful, melodic, songs and music. In my opinion, the fundamental one is the second – the lack of effective selection, training and promotion of young talent songwriters, composers, lyricists, arrangers. Therefore, solving this problem by creating this system, we get the foundation to all of us surrounded by kind, beautiful, melodic, romantic music and songs.

Necessary to select and teach the best of the best! A basis for this system are the talented people. After all, if there is no talent on the nature, the grace of God, then no matter how to select, as it may teach the “best of the worst” – still the result will be an order of magnitude worse than if selected and trained “the best of the best.” Do we have the potential musical talent, genius? But whether we have the potential musical talent, genius? Does our genetic find, select people with deposit, with the development of which it is possible to get the best of the best songwriters, composers, poets at the global level? Unique gene pool of the mega-Slavic culture and close to State By this I mean gene pool, which was formed primarily in areas of Slavonic and Related States: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, , Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, the states of Transcaucasia, Baltic’s, Central Asia and several others..