The Best National Plan Of Health

We are going to put on the table the most important factor in any national health plan, the factor of which the rulers never speak, which escapes in all discussions and plans: the patient. Best health plan is which implies to the patient, not just as someone with the right to receive adequate health care, but above all, as the first head of his health. A model of health to ensure health care for the population in the developed countries. Curiously, except for some countries of Northern Europe, almost nobody is happy. If healthcare is private, it is normal that there is inequality among the population, and a large number of people is left without the appropriate service. If it is public, the coverage is universal, but tends to be a problem of saturation of services. Sometimes, in addition, quality is below one attention optima for economic reasons.

The solution lies not in a political discussion about the suitability of a model or another. The solution lies in each of us. The centers primary health are saturated because we don’t care. We adopt lifestyles that us sick, but we assured us that there is widespread habits of life, to hide the head. We don’t want to assume that this entails consequences. Then go to the doctor with the child attitude which hoped to draw him the chestnuts from the fire without feeling no guilt therefore. Coronary heart disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, are some of the most common causes of consultations, and also some of the most avoidable. We do little exercise, eat poorly, abuse of many substances that are not healthy, and are not even aware, because there is a mass, a majority that makes it, with which the tolerance is total, and we have lost the notion of representing lead a healthy life. The first and most important relationship that we develop is the relationship with our own physical body.