The Main Properties Of Noni Juice (noni )

The main properties of noni juice 1.Sok noni (noni) contains a number of substances – enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins, nitrogen oxide, scopoletin, and prokseronin xeronine, which play a major rolv maintaining good health. 2.Sok Noni (noni) can stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a substance involved in the action of many body systems: nitric oxide enhances the immune system and improves the cardio – vascular system, helps to reduce high blood pressure. 3.Sok Noni (noni) contains scopoletin, which promotes better health and a variety of antioxidants: arginine, tannins, lignans, quercetin, phytosterols, terpenes, glutamine and nucleotides. 4.Doktor Ralph Heinicke found 'system xeronine "which sosotoit of substance – the predecessor prokseronina, fermentproksironinazu and other biochemical substances necessary for the formation of xeronine, uchastvuyuschegov maintenance normal functioning of cells. Noni juice contains all the substances and helps the body to increase production of xeronine. 5.Uspeh who has noni juice (noni) in alleviating many illnesses related to the activities of the unit Golgi, who 'completes a set of "Guide to the sick cells. This – the amazing process, similar to the effective running the post office – every package 'stamped and sent "to the address, after which the contents of the package to digest the cell, and is used as needed. Here are the basic properties, which has noni juice. And only wonder what effect that has a noni juice on our bodies.