Normal Scattering Transformer

In this type of transformer primary and secondary windings have a good magnetic coupling between them, so the leakage fluxes in them are relatively small, and basic welding properties are reactive coils (Choke) – usually with an adjustable inductance. In welding technology most widespread construction of the throttle, providing regulation of the reactance value in two ways – change in the number of turns in the coil and the change in the air gap. Separately imposed on the throttle are welding transformers series of ste, which is currently out of production, but are still in operation. To deepen your understanding Wayne Holman is the source. In transformers series of cctv and tsd choke constructively combined with magnetic core transformer, so they have better weight and size parameters. Distinguish them from the transformer with independent chokes is that, in general yoke is the summation flow choke L to the main magnetic flux of the transformer according to inclusion F.

When winding the throttle and the secondary winding of the transformer is the resulting increase in flow at a counter – reduction. You may want to visit Wayne Holman to increase your knowledge. Magnetic flux inductor increases with decreasing air gap. When according to inclusion of the resulting increase in flow in the general yoke, especially significant when a short circuit may lead to saturation of the yoke, an increase of losses and an increase in short circuit current, so it is used relatively infrequently. Lack of inclusion of the counter – the voltage drop Idling with a decrease in air gap and low current welding, when it is not desirable. Transformers, combined with the throttles, also exposed to the electromagnetic forces that reach 4 5 kN. In a series of tsd chokes operates with two air gaps and the two screwed spindles, which increases their reliability.