New Will Physical

Although different, the three religious conceptions, as well as excessively, probably search the maintenance of the health as salvation form. Schiavo and Silva (2000, P. 73-74), affirm that, according to New Will, the activity of the espritos in the man can provoke psychic afflictions and behaviors insanes (TM 8, 28; Mc 5,1-5) incapacity of speaking (TM 9,32) and hearing (Mc 9,25), blindness (TM 12,22), epilepsy (Lc 9, 39), trend to the self-destruction (TM 17, 15) and other types of illnesses (TM 8,16). The agravos above cited represent the lack of health physical, but probably mental, not only social and spiritual. Health, as the World-wide Organization of Health (2000) ‘ ‘ it is complete mental physical well-being and social’ ‘ not only illness absence which is loss of the vital functions is in partial or total way.

In the illness it has the state of the individual whose organic functions, physical and mental if find engaged and the cure would be, therefore the recovery of this state. However, according to Blacksmith (1996) health has origin in Latin salude and means, salvation, conservation of the life. For Terrin (1998), well she is known that if the man did not need ‘ ‘ salvao’ ‘ the religions would be useless, but they if have equally become sufficiently superfluous in one another one case: when they are not capable to cure the physical and psychological illnesses and daily bothering of the man.

Dental Surgeons

Surgeon Dentist/Public Agent front to the Civil liability and the Odontolgica Ethics Introduction the objective of this work is to take Surgeon-Dentist to a reflection on its position as public agent of health, front to the civil liability. Until point will be exerting fully its rights? Civil liability of State x of the Public Agent – Federal Constitution, article 37, 6 ' ' The legal people of rendering public law and of private law of public services will answer for the damages that its agents, in this quality, to cause third, assured the right of return against responsible in the cases of deceit or culpa.' ' The State, for comissivos or omissivos acts of its agents (Surgeon-Dentist/serving public of municipal city halls and state and federal public agencies) answers objective for the actual damages third. This means that the civil liability of the State independe of the evidence of the existence of guilt of the agent. It has that to be characterized, however, the installment of the public service, the damage and the causal nexus, that is, the relation of cause and effect enters the behavior of the agent and the damage that if it intends to repair. – Civil Code, article 15 ' ' The legal people of Public law are civilly responsible for acts of its representatives who in this quality cause damages third, proceeding from contrary way to the Right or to have prescribed lacking it for law, except for the regressive right against the causers of dano.' ' (grifo ours) the institute of the return right protects to the State, after to repay the victim, the possibility to promote action of return against the public, .causing agent of the damage, having deceit or guilt on the part of this last one, to recoup everything what it expended with the indemnity of the victim. Exemplificando Contamination crossed due to sterilization of the hand parts.