Nowadays, much attention was given to the prevention of healthy lifestyles, physical education and sport. The media campaign is to improve the health of the nation, but whether the public health without health women – one of its units, which is responsible for the birth of every human being in this world? Proverb says: "Take care of honor to the young." This wise phrase applies not only honor, but also health and few young girls and women think about the fact that attracting the attention of shapely legs and open parts of the body, they sometimes cause irreparable harm to the future, not yet conceived child. Of course, it is natural desire to be noticed and in demand, but a time for everything! It is quite appropriate to be thinking, and whether in the cold season, for the sake of man's attention to jeopardize their own health and that of the unborn child? All of the above applies to the maintenance of health and what to do when the disease has penetrated into the body? There is little to deviate from the basic theme and appeal to ancient knowledge. The basis of the female body lies pentagram – symbol of man. Five of its points are related to the birth, growth and development of the child.

In the body, they correspond to the pelvic organs (gynecology), breast and thyroid. Abnormalities in functionality of an organ leads to a chain reaction that result in violations of all other points. Time trend has led to numerous stage, composed of young women, the gynecologist office and mamologa in clinics, overcrowded gynecological department in hospitals. And well, when diseased woman gets a doctor-healer who is familiar with and competent person who will deal with the full participation of the reasons disease and competently prescribe a course of treatment. But how often do they have to meet with the physician-craftsman, who will act on principle – there is no body and no problems! How many women unnecessarily sent to surgical table, counting the appendages and the ovaries are not vital organs! And how many women are not properly assigned to a course of treatment, medical errors, and simple callousness, lead to acquired infertility?! We believe that surgery should only be applied in cases where there is a question about the life of a woman or child.